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It seems that Mozilla has gotten rid of the DESCRIPTION window when you right click on a bookmark's properties. This was done in July for the Mac version of Firefox and with Ver. 62.0 for Windows.

No warning was given and there are a lot of complaints on the Mac version forum about this change. Again with Windows there was no warning that this MAJOR change was going to take place.

Like MANY other people I use the DESCRIPTION window to store extensive information about a given webpage. You can imagine my shock this morning when I went to retrieve some info and the window was gone. A little digging online found the complaint thread on the Mac change.

I have no idea why this was done. If it was for some security reason then it is understandable........the change that is, not t he way it was handled.

There are solutions given on the Mac thread on how to use another companies add-on to show the past saved descriptions. They are still in the Mozilla data files but are not shown in Ver. 62. You can also do an EXPORT to a .html file and then open the descriptions in the browser. Or you can reinstall Ver. 61.x from the archives and set it to NOT check for updates. This is what I did for the moment.

PLEASE bring back the DESCRIPTION window in bookmark properties. This is absolutely nuts to have to experience what I went through this morning sorting this all out.

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We can't bring back the descriptions field. The site is just a user to user support forum.

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Duplicate, x Post, locking. Continue the discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3041530
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