Are all changes in about:preferences saved only to prefs.js?

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Are all the changes made manually in Edit -> Preferences (or about:preferences) saved -only- to prefs.js? My plan would be to start a vanilla FF, modify the preferences I wish, see what is changed in prefs.js compared to vanilla one, and make user.js from seemingly meaningful rows.

I suppose this does not work at least for preferences where something has to be searched or installed, like a new search engine or so.

I'm using FF 65.0.1.

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dumpster_danny wrote:Are all the changes made manually in Edit -> Preferences (or about:preferences) saved -only- to prefs.js?

Most, but not all.

For example, if I change mailto in Applications from "Use Thunderbird" to "Use Gmail", then that option is saved in the handlers.json file.

Transferring data to a new profile (see download actions for file types) ... o_transfer

The search engine options are saved in the search.json.mozlz4 file.

Decompress search.json.mozlz4

Search engine extractor by jscher2000

Preference tracker


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Additionally some settings are set / "changed" by FF itself (like once it has queried your system for free space or whatnot).

Anyway, a prefs.js compare should be a start towards your goal.
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