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Hi Everyone,

I have been having a problem trying to print a .json file on firefox. I start by locating my file and selecting "open with firefox" from my Win10 laptop. Firefox opens the file in the .json viewer and I click on the "raw data" column. The file displays and I click on the "pretty print" column. I scroll down the column and everything looks great, just as I wanted. I then move across the screen, open the menu, and click on print. At this point the page changes and it shows 2 pages to print, (the full file should be 4 pages), and only the top page of the file will print. I have my printer set to view pages before printing, so I clicked print, and again, only the top part of the file is shown available to print. I tried printing it and as shown, only the first page of the file printed. I tried to highlight the entire file so I could try to print "selection", but it would not allow it.
I can't think of anything else to try, and I'm getting frustrated. I would really appreciate any instructions, suggestions, or links, so i can get this file printed. Thanks.


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Confirmed, on the file I tested with, extensions.json - truncated when Print (Preview).

In any case, right-click, Select All, Copy, then Paste into (Windows) Notepad or whatever & print from there.
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Thanks therube,

The solution you provided was simple and effective, perfect! I seriously over complicated my analysis and request, when I should have just asked for the best way to print a .json file. I still am curious however, why the file cuts off in firefox. Perhaps just a glitch since the .json viewer is a relatively new addition to firefox. Anyway, thanks again!

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