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Post Posted April 3rd, 2020, 4:55 am

When i am searching for something, i think that i can not use exclude operator like:

include this -excludethat
include this -exclude that

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You can use the extension Norwell History Tools, it suports operators. For instance, "mozillazine -forums" will strip all entries, will return only those like

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thx, it seems like unofficial addon with manual installation needed. I would have to lookup on how to install that. My point here is that this basic thing should be built into the FF by default.


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There are lots of things that people think should be built into Firefox by default. If they were all included Firefox would be a massive download and the core program would become more of a challenge to maintain. Extensions are a reasonable and easy way to add functionality to the browser while letting folks pick and choose what additional tools they want to use in their browser.

Installing an extension like Norwell History Tools is just a matter of downloading the XPI file from the extension's home page and then, in Firefox, using menu path Tools->Addons->click on the Gear icon->select "Install add-on from file."

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I think such extensions are just for Firefox Developer Edition and Nightly.

Firefox Release, Beta and ESR can't run legacy addons.

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