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Example: I get halfway through typing an address in the address bar, and then flip to another tab for some reason. When I come back to the first tab, my half-typed URL is gone, replaced by the address of the current page. Not being the fastest typist in the world, I find this intensely annoying. What's more common for me is when I enter a URL, flip to another tab while I wait for the page to load, then get a dialog telling me the server can't found. Oops, I made a tiny typo in the URL. But wait! Now I must retype the whole address because I flipped to another tab!

Both Opera and K-Meleon behave as I've suggested, btw.


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Agree, this is highly annoying.

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bugs me too :)


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I've never really thought about this, but I agree that it should keep whatever you have typed in the address field and not overwrite it with the current URL.

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this is Mozilla bug #104778 (lot of dupes, 57 votes)

This bug has a 10-02 patch thet needs work. So hopefully this will be fixed soon though
personally I think this will just add more bloat.


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Rubbish. Moz Profile Manager is bloat. This is an extremely useful and user-friendly fix.

- Chris

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