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Would you use a "Cookie Whitelist" feature, or do you prefer the existing method of explicitly denying each cookie site?

Cookie Whitelist
Explicit Domain Blocking
I don't care
Some other method
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lar3ry wrote:Have you looked into It's one of the best solutions that I have found. Provides a GUI to allow you to select/deselect domains that want to send cookies, denying everybody by default. There are some limitations (eg, cannot detect EVERY cookie, like ones set by javascripts), but it works pretty well for me.

Yes, I tried this once ages ago. I wouldn't exactly call a web-interface a "GUI", but it's something. I'd much rather see it integrated int he browser, personally. Then one doesn't have to mess with a proxy server or anything. The community feature is nice, but I can live without it.
They say they're going to release the source to this--do you know if it's open source? It would make an excellent phoenix extension for blocking ads!


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dang dude, i will never try to be helpful to you again. i didn't post the half-suggestion as an invitation to lynch me after classes. i posted it because if you hadn't known about it, i could offer info on that related, already-in-place feature.

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