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OS/X 10.5 with FF 3.5.2

I’m facing a problem with Firefox opening asp pages (to download) rather than serving them as PDFs on Mac. I’m not sure if it’s an FF bug or server side issue. However, this problem doesn’t appear to be valid under Windows using FF 3.5.2.

When attempting to download an article from the following website FF simply prompts you to download an “article.asp” instead of opening it as pdf. This as mentioned is not the case under windows or even Safari (Mac). ... 09.01472.x

So in hopes of resolving the problem I revisited the website and when prompted as to “what should firefox do with this file” I selected FF to automatically open the file.

Here where it gets weird, when the download finishes FF will suddenly start to open new windows endlessly, this will not stop until I force quite FF. In addition, I’ve found out that each new window will correspond to a newly created files (in the same download directory of “article.asp”), these files are denominated as such:
(lCnvhcyI.asp.part) (qQkFnvxu.asp.part) (zduwuU+c.asp.part)… etc

Thank you

All of the website’s articles are rendered in the same way under FF (Mac).

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I forgot to mention that you need to sign in in order to download(sorry guys), you might want to try student's free membership in order to log-in


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You should never select Firefox to handle a file if you get the Open with dialog.
Doing that will lead to endless opening of tabs, especially if you tick the box to do that automatically.

Sounds that the server is sending the files with a generic MIME type or with a MIME type that Firefox doesn't recognize and can link to an application.

See "File handling in Firefox 3 and SeaMonkey 2" and "Reset Download Actions": ... ad_actions

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