Fav Icons for HTTP Auth protected sites?

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Hey there, everyone.

I'm trying to do the good bug submitter thing & check & see if this is a known problem or not.

I have a bookmark at the root level of my Bookmarks folder that takes me to an HTTP Auth ( i.e. .htaccess) protected site. If I restart Phoenix (.4 release, Win 2k SP2) so that all of the Fav icons clear out, if I just open the bookmarks menu, I get prompted for the authentication immediately, presumably so that phoenix can retrieve the icon.

This is kind of annoying if I'm not planning on going to that site, so I'd think that Phoenix should delay the lookup till I actually request that site, and provide the HTTP Auth.

I found bug # <a href="">133755</a>, which is basically the same thing, and assigned to Blake Ross, but, well, I can't really keep straight what Phoenix has replaced to know if a component of XP Apps: GUI Features & a Product of Browser is something that will get incorporated in Phoenix, or if Phoenix has rolled it's own.

Thanks, and as always, thanks for the best browser on the market!

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