0.5 webdings font no longer works

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Post Posted December 8th, 2002, 7:49 am

& # 8 2 1 2 ; (spaces added) in webdings should be a face shouting out something, but is now just a line. Worked fine in 0.4 and works in moz 1.0.

Test it here: The blog permalinks use this chararcter/font.

No idea if this is just Phx or Moz in general, but a webdings font I've been using no longer works in 0.5. I don't have a newer Moz, so...

(If wondering, webding fonts are very useful for avoiding many little images on websites.)

Bugzilla frightens me, so if not reported, be my guest after checking the new Moz. (My quick search returned "Zarro Boogs found")
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