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Hi. Sometimes, attachments joined to emails I receive in Thunderbird are not visible (version 10.0). There are no ways to guess that an attachment is joined to an email suffering of this problem, although, when this email is seen in webmail, Outlook express, The Bat, or in Windows Live Mail, the attachment is actually there, visible as every other attachments, and in good condition. Only Thunderbird does not show the presence of this attachment in any way. I notice by searching the internet that quiet a number of people have suffered from this Thunderbird bug for some time, in various versions, but this problem (bug) han never been addressed at his root and corrected. Only band aid solutions are offered. If someone wants to try to receive such an email with an attachment that does not appear in thunderbird, I can send it to him. Only Thunderbird does not show the presence of this attachment (no paper clip etc) ](*,) . No problem with any other known email client.
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Try installing the Show All Body Parts add-on and then setting View -> Message Body As -> All Body Parts ... ts/?src=ss

If that doesn't help, use view -> message source (or control-U) and look at the raw message source to see if you can find an attachment. You should be able to spot the file name in a header. For example:

Content-Type: image/jpeg;
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
Content-ID: <>
Content-Disposition: inline;



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I'm having the same issue with the latest Thunderbird Update. I have been getting invoice attachments in .pdf from automated systems for years and suddenly Thunderbird doesn't recognize them although with "view source" I can see that the data is there. I install the view-body-parts add-in that can factor out the part, but labels it as .txt and looses the original filename which is no good.

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Hi. I had already installed the Show All Body Parts add-on, but there are drawbacks with it : all mails have now a paper clip, even if there are no attachment to them. I really do not understand why this bug, because it is a bug in my opinion, has never been solved for years (proof on various forums). The development team of TB seems to accuse the bad formatting of the mail on the sender side. But why don't they do like in every other email program, to show these "bad formated" mail with their attachments as it is for the "good formated" mail ? I have never seen an attachment of any kind not showing in any of the following email programs : Outlook, Outlook express, The Bat, Thunderbird, Eudora, Poppeeper, webmails. Only with Thunderbird !!! Only for that reason, I don't use Thunderbird anymore, because I don't want to miss important attachments. If somone wish to receive such a mail with an invisible attachment (invisible for Thunderbird ONLY), I have a pps file of 1.9 M ready to be sent. By the way, if I try to transfer it trough TB, the attachment shall not been sent with the mail and the size of the email will be recuced accordingly.


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The idea behind the show all body parts add-on is to provide a view option for when you have problems with a message, that view option its not meant to be the normal way you read mail.

I've read on the tb-planning mailing list recent discussions about replacing libmime (legacy code from Netscape days) with other code to parse messages (Joshua Cranmer has a prototype of a different MIME parser) but if they do something it will probably take a good while.


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howdy y'all,

there is a new mime patch for several attachment problems due out RSN [Real Soon Now]. the bug specifically mentions pdf files. looks like they checked it into tb11. if you wanna check on it, here's the bug ...

- Make MIME parts in a multipart/related context that are not referred to or cannot be displayed inline available as attachments again (MS's mailer, mail system of some companies, still continues to send multipart/related mail with PDF file etc. in it)

if a bug fits your situation, you might want to vote for it ... and perhaps add yourself to the CC list. please, do NOT comment unless you have new info. bugspamming - "me too" comments and various rants [*grin*] - is a good way to get the bug ignored.

take care,


Post Posted September 19th, 2012, 8:12 am

In the meantime, if the message size suggests that the attachments are really there, save the message as an .eml file and open with another client (e.g. Windows Mail uhg!) and the attachments will appear in the message window and can be saved.

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