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I'm playing with ANGLE_instanced_arrays and three.js. The canvas inspector reports 3 drawcalls where there should be 5. After the first clear call i see the instanced stuff drawn in the preview buffers but the only thing listed are 'regular' calls. Ie. when i click on the snapshot it shows the geometry drawn in the reported call but the instanced stuff is already in there without it being mentioned anywhere (2 missing draw calls).


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(Sample code [& not that I'd be able to do anything with it]?)
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There really isn't any special code i think. I use three.js so i'd have to consult the source, but also taking the bare essentials from here should replicate ... -with.html

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var ext = gl.getExtension("ANGLE_instanced_arrays") //get extension?

ext.drawElementsInstancedANGLE(gl.TRIANGLES, indexCount, gl.UNSIGNED_SHORT, 0, instanceCount) //draw

Result, this drawcall does not exist in the inspector. Any other does.

Wow, it's been almost a year :D

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