FF 54 multi process freezes on tab switch for seconds

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Post Posted June 17th, 2017, 7:29 am

I'm currently using FF 54 32bit on Win7 64.
If multi-process mode is enabled switching tabs generally is much slower to begin with. From not being noticable at all in single-process mode (browser.tabs.remote.autostart set to false) even with 20 tabs containing videos open to noticeable every time in multi-process mode even if it's just two tabs showing the Google front page for example.
In random intervals (sometimes just a minute apart, sometimes more than 15) FF freezes for several seconds when switching to another tab. It is more likely to freeze if the tab being switched to is still loading, but it also happens to tabs that have already loaded and have been looked at already (althoug the freeze is shorter for them, if it happens). During this freeze FF is not reacting to any inputs at all and the mouse cursor does not change no matter what it is hovered above (address bar, scroll bar, links, text fields). I have none of these issues if I disable multiprocess mode.

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