18 years old bug that it's still super annoying

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Basically, I hide the Menu bar ASAP because, who uses it? really. Well I don't, so I hide it.
When I use the Firefox way to "scroll between the history" (what is Alt+mouse swipe right/mouse swipe left on other browsers, to go back or forward between pages), in Firefox is Alt+Mouse Wheel Up/Mouse Wheel Down to go back/forward between pages, it's different, but I'm cool with that; the problem is that every time I use, the Menu bar appears/disappears, sometimes gets "glitches" until I click on it then it disappears...
Can we do something about it please?

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mozilla devs dont read here.
feel free to create a ticket under


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The bug#59844 was about the then Mozilla Application Suite as the web browser we know as Firefox did not start until Phoenix 0.1 back in Sept 2002. The Mozilla Application Suite has been continued as SeaMonkey.


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And it was talking about XUL and that's pretty much dead
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