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Post Posted July 9th, 2018, 5:41 pm

Beginning about 3 days ago, I found on all my computers (PC, Windows 10) that when I deleted or detached an attachment, some of the messages would turn garbled, like this:

�٥�杙�Z��iz����ק�ܩy�'���׷�m�_�y�[�܏]�\�H����]���fx�o��o��f���� � �]��]�����*,� !yd#y�/���x�x�8����i��fx� � �]�� �]��]��\��H��XZ[�^�H�����]��\��H��XZ[�][�H��� N9nm ��" L9��H ΍ ��US���S�Sx� �a�x� 9�o�d��[�\�H������H�Y�H�XZ[Μ�X��[P�XZ[ ���H�\��]H�؛[�ȏ��X��[P�XZ[ ���O �O���� ��[����������][�H�\��H��XZ[�][�H��[OH�X\��[��   �^؛ܙ\�[Y��\������Y�Y[��[Y��Y^��]�\�H����]������8�8������ 9ab9�'�� O �]��]����� �]��]���b���x�a��e8�e��a8�o��fx� � �]��]��g��f�x�b��y���*,� !yd#y�/��c9lb��cx�o��e��g�� � �]��]���e:)���k��8�a��j�� O؜�

It was not an encoding problem (changing encoding just made it garbled in a different fashion), and is not specific to the language of the incoming mail. Since it does not happen on all mails and never happened before, I am wondering if some bug has gummed up the works. I ran a virus check, but there was nothing there, either.


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Web mail or is this a Thunderbird question?
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I am sorry I wasn't clearer. This has to do with Thunderbird installed on a computer, not any web-based version.

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If you updated to v52.9 See >!topic ... 9z_AcF2S2o

Version 52.9.0 has been withdrawn because of a dataloss bug when
deleting or detaching attachments. A update will be issued soon. Until
then, users of 52.9.0 should avoid deleting or detaching attachments.

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