Installation Folder After Update To 66.0.4 (Windows)

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After the update to 66.0.4 (in product update) , my firefox installation folder has changed ??

Once i restarted after this update, firefox had a problem reloading the tabs i had open and i chose to "refresh firefox". Subsequently my installation folder has mysteriously changed from C:\Program Files (x86) to C:\users\****\Appdata\Local\Mozilla Firefox.

Anyone else had similar ???

I know 66.0.5 is released now, but the issue occured under 66.0.4


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AFAIK, Program Files (x86) stores the Firefox.exe file(s) for the 32 bit version and all the related data files are stored in that Apdata/Local/Mozilla Firefox section. So, if you are using the 32bit version what you posted above seems to be correct. I use the 64bit version and the only diff. from what you posted to what I have is that my Firefox.exe is stored in C:Program Files. There are some other support files in my system for Firefox also stored in C/Apdata/local.... so, if you are using the 32 bit version it looks good to me.
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