Doesn't work -private-window <URL1> <URL2>

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Post Posted November 14th, 2022, 6:14 am

Doesn't work:
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-private-window <URL1> <URL2>

The first <URL1> opens in incognito mode. <URL2> opens in normally mode in another window.

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-private-window <URL1> -new-tab <URL2>

Opens in incognito mode, but in two different windows. It should be in the same window in different tabs.


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Post Posted November 14th, 2022, 10:10 am

What version of Windows are you using? This does fail on Windows 10 also.

I think you are right. It appears to be a bug.
According to this document you should be able to add additional URL's but it does not work as described. ... window_URL

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-url URL

Open URL in a new tab or window, depend on the browser option. -url can be omitted. You may list multiple URLs, separated by spaces. Firefox and SeaMonkey only.

Note: When opening multiple URLs, Firefox always opens them as tabs in a new window.
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Post Posted November 14th, 2022, 10:28 am

Actually (in 108) it appears to not be working at all.

The only reason (a) URL might happen to open in a Private Window would be because you had focused on a Private Window prior to running the command line.

Had you not done that, had the last focused window being a non-Private Windows, the -private-window parameter would never open <URL> in a Private Window.

(I'm doing this using an existing session, so [other] Windows are already opened.)

So yeah, I'd say there is a bug in there.


In 102.4esr, -private-window <url> looks to work - in the singular case.
And it appears that <url> is meant to be singular (i.e. not <url's>).
So you would need separate command lines to open multiple URLs in a Private Window.
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firefox.exe -private-window
firefox.exe -private-window
firefox.exe -private-window


108 will open a (single) <url> in a Private Window - if FF is not already running.
If you pass it 2 url's, then 1 is opened in Private, then your (in my case) Session Restore session is opened, with the 2nd url opening in that restored session (in one of its' non-Private windows).

Again. (In 108) if FF is already open -private-window is ineffectual.


Again. (In 108) if FF is already open -private-window is ineffectual.

And lets not put that in stone - either.

(As it is, FF has become so incomprehensible, at this point, I am just left scratching my head.
I was going to file a bug, but because of the absurdity that is FF, I cannot "just" open a new, clean Profile & test.
So the best I can do is say something like, "there is a bug, I think" - gross!)


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