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Post Posted February 12th, 2004, 2:47 pm

After spending ten minutes wondering why the heck my pasted links were not showing up as the correct link, I have just realised that copy and paste from the address bar is not working properly.

If I highlight and copy the address bar URL, for a page in these forums for instance, it always reverts back to the forum index page URL when I paste it.

Anyone else notice this?

Edit: OK, it seems to be specific to just this site, so maybe it's not a bug after all, but something site specific? Whatever it is, it's kind of annoying that I can't seem to paste any forum URLs anywhere. Sometimes it's handy to post a link to another post here, when replying to someone's query.


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Post Posted February 12th, 2004, 5:27 pm

Several times I've had problems with cut and copy both failing to work in Firebird, although they still work in things like notepad, etc. The only way I've found to fix the problem (temporarily, at that), is to reboot the entire computer.
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Post Posted February 20th, 2004, 8:01 am

I think you're seeing an old, old bug in Mozilla that is rather random and has yet to be solved. I see this all the time with both Firebird/fox and Thunderbird in Windows; I think it is excelerated by the fact that I use MSVDM (Virtual Desktop Manager).

The problem that I see is that copy just stops working. You copy something, then go to paste (into Mozilla or any other application), and nothing's on the clipboard.

Oddly, I can usually minimize the window, restore it again, and copy is magically working again. If that doesn't do it, I'll minimize/restore a few more times until it starts working again.

Can be rather frustrating...


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Post Posted February 20th, 2004, 11:16 am

So now i know it isn't a trojan.

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Post Posted April 28th, 2005, 7:52 am

Something about how MSVDM operates causes keybindings to get royally hosed in both Mozilla and Firefox. One partial cure I've discovered is to minimize and maximize Firefox if the keybindings get off. Symptoms include:
<UL><LI>Cut/paste not working correctly in address bar.
<LI>Caret flashing when it actually doesn't have the focus.
<LI>If a page refreshes/reflows/rerenders while I'm switching virtual desktops, Moz/Fx "disappears" to a tiny title-bar-sized window offscreen. I have to hit Alt-Space (to get the "bar" menu that's usually in the upper left), select "Move", and press an arrow key. Suddenly the micro-window appears, "stuck" to the mouse pointer. Then I can use the mouse to position and resize this micro-window.
<LI>Firefox only: Typing certain characters (the single quote character usually, although other punctuation sometimes triggers it) in a TEXTAREA or other input box in a form causes a "Find" bar to pop up suddenly, stealing the focus. </UL>I suspect there's some sort of race condition in Firefox and Mozilla, and MSVDM is more likely to trigger it.

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Post Posted May 2nd, 2005, 11:11 am

I'm having freezes with some copy and paste. The cursor just sits where it is and I can't move it. Have to 'wait' then activate left mouse button again to activate.

Other freezes frequent, other than C&P.

But Find bar is much bettinr with ver. 1.0.3. Thanks all!


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