The image cannot be displayed, because it contains errors

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When the page loads for the first time the image is shown ,then click refresh button continuously, the firefox will show the message "The image <IP> cannot be displayed, because it contains errors", after a while the firefox will show the image. How to make the firefox do not show the error message and show the image directly after click the refresh button.

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PLUS:The picture .jpeg is in RGB

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I had this same problem with FireFox It worked just find and then it seemed to suddenly stop displaying JPG images.

I turned off the most recently installed extensions and discovered the problem was caused by the Skype extension. I disabled it, restarted FireFox and all images loaded just fine.

If you have installed the Skype extension this might be your problem too.


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I think it only does this when it thinks you do not have enough RAM available. Try closing some tabs and try again.

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Uninstall the skype extensions as suggested above. This is the only cause of the problem.
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Hi, I have being having the same problem. I opened up the error console (Tools>error console) and realized that it was the Skype extension that was going crazy on certain images and pages. It wasn't just happening with images (jpeg error messages) as in your case, it was also occurring on web pages such as where clicking on any of the main menu links caused firefox to go into a frenzy of continuous page reloading. I also had problems with viewing PDFs in the browser, continuous reloading and freezing the whole application (actually, both firefox and adobe apps).

I have now removed the Skype extension by clicking on the Skype tool bar button and selecting remove extension from firefox. This has resolved all of the problems. I've also learnt to use the error console to find the source of errors, but that being said, this is the 2nd problem I've ever had in several years of happily using firefox. [The other problem was due to the new AVG 8.0 anti-virus web shield and link scanner components, which affects both firefox and IE7 in Vista (not in XP) (still waiting for an AVG fix/version update).]

Update: I contacted Skype today and reported this problem.

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Thanks Baratong, this error had been annoying me and a couple of friends for about the last month (funny, I've had the skype extension in forever)

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Skype click to call plugin often break Jquery galleries, for example:

If you have Skype click to call plugin installed, the above album will break your firefox browser, the images are not loaded and displayed probably. I have been there before.

Do not just disable the plugin, you need to uninstall the "Skype click to call" plugin from firefox and chrome.

This is possible by uninstalling it in Program and Features (Win7/Vista) or Add and Remove Programs (Windows XP).

In fact, Firefox team should not allow this particular crapware plugin installed in firefox until it does not leave a mess with the images.


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Sorry but this thread is ancient. Also is not Mozilla.

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