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Hey guys before i uninstalled and reinstalled I just wanted to see if anyone gets this issue..When i click the icon to open firefox i get this popup that says "Trying to load a non-local URI" when i hit ok it loads the page fine but happens everytime..I just updated to v for any help

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Yeah, I got this too. Happens when I open Firefox and occasionally when I go to other pages too (sorry I forgot to bookmark the one it happened on. I didn't think to). Not a huge problem, but an annoying one. I just updated to v too.

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I just disabled my megaupload toolbar in my plugins and all is well again..


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That Megaupload toolbar has got your UserAgent messed up, you're still showing as having Firefox installed.
type about:config in the URL bar and hit Enter
Pref = general.useragent.extra.firefox - Right-click and select Reset
Then restart Firefox.

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i uninstalled megaupload toolbar, reset the general.useragent.extra.firefox, but still have the pop-up coming out each time I open the firefox:S can somebody help me??

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