Thunderbird 1.0 Release Candidate 1 Is Now Available!

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Thunderbird 1.0 Release Candidate 1 Is Now Available!

Post by mscott »

You can download and help us test our release candidate here: ... ses/1.0rc/

<b>What's New In 1.0</b>
<li>Significant theme improvements for all platforms.
<li>Migration improvements for Outlook 2003, Eudora and Mozilla Suite users.
<li>Fix for a 0.9 regression on Mac OS X when creating folders with non ascii characters.
<li>Saved Search Folder Improvements (i.e. lots of bug fixes)
<li>Message Grouping Improvements (i.e. lots of bug fixes)
<li>Improved RSS support (i.e. lots of bug fixes)
<li>Improved support for Multiple Identities for an account.
<li>Improved Account Central for Windows and Linux
<li>Improvements to Global Inbox, in particular how we manage filters.
<li>Fix problems creating folders with semicolons or # signs in the name
<li>Stability Improvements
<li>POP3 Filters can now filter messages to IMAP folders
<li>RSS Feeds that require http authentication now work in Thunderbird
<li>Fix an issue on Mac OS X where you could not paste text from Microsoft Word into the compose window
<li>Offline UI is now installed by default for Windows (it already was for Linux and Mac OS X)
<li>New quick search bar for address book and mail compose contacts sidebar.
<li>Deleting a saved search folder now prompts you before it gets deleted.
<li>New end user license agreeement.

Thanks for helping us test out our Release Candidate! We are all really excited about this release.

-Team Thunderbird
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Post by hansen »

mscott wrote:# Fix problems creating folders with

...with what?
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Post by hansen »

Where/whom do you send localized 1.0 releases to? Thinking of making a Danish version if mozdk doesn't beat me...
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Post by kepardue »

I've been having this problem, well, pretty much since RSS was introduced, and it's still here in 1.0RC1.

RSS feeds redownload EVERYTHING every time I start the browser. So, everytime I start TB I get a new set of duplicates downloaded in my folder.

EDIT: Also, when setting up a saved search folder, something that would seem to be a *vital* field to include is to search "By Account". I could put where "To:" but that doesn't pick all of the emails, such as the mailing list emails where my email address isn't actually listed. E.G. I can't easily set up an "Inbox on" in Local Folders.

EDITx2: Using Saved Searches-- If I select multiple folders to search (e.g. Inbox, Video Game News, and Mozilla News), it pulls in all the data, but when trying to sort by another criteria, date, for example, it sorts my entries by Foldername and THEN date. So I have three sets of emails in one folder, each with its own range of dates from 2001 to 2004. If I sort by date, it should actually, ya know, sort by name.

Yet another also, when I've read all the mail in the Saved Search folder, the folder still stays bolded in the account list frame until I click out of it and then back into it.
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Post by eonics »

Maybe I'm the only one, but I find the keyboard selection/navigation bug very frustrating. (bug 41555)

Currently if multiple messages are selected using the mouse the message preview is blanked. However when using the keyboard to select mutliple messages the message preview is not blanked.
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Post by max.spicer »

It seems very wrong that I click Offline Settings and Cancel to close, Manage Folder Subscriptions and Cancel to close, but to close Manage Message Filters I have to use the red X top-right, and the same for Search Messages. I've never liked the fact that some dialogs get Cancel buttons whereas others force you to use the window close widget, but it's really shown up when you select from the Advanced Features on the new account central pane. That said, the account central pane is great. I'd still much rather it selected went straight to my inbox though - this feature disappeared with 0.9.
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Post by max.spicer »

The New Account Setup window isn't quite big enough - a scroll bar appears on the right and I have to scroll down to fully see the Newsgroup Account option.
The wild things roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth
and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws
but Max stepped into his private boat and waved good-bye.
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Post by Nwasend »

I am not sure if everyone is having this problem but it might be a little annoying bug. When you have a couple of e-mails in your inbox and you just click once on a email subject and then click once on another email subject, it opens up. I did not double click on the message and right away it opens. Then i would close the message and click once on another subject of another e-mail and it also opens up. It happens sporadically but it just annoys me. Does this happen to anyone else? Also if you know a little trick that will get rid of this i would be in your gratitude.

thank you

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Mail and News Bugs

Post by DERoss »

I have been waiting for a few mail and news bugs to be fixed. Will this happen for Thunderbird 1.0?

They are:

16343 -- Default mail and default nntp server/account

116443 -- Deleted inbox after receiving virus infected mail (McAfee, Norton)

224335 -- Cannot reach newsgroup by selecting a link to it.

Is not at least 116443 serious enough to hold up Thunderbird 1.0 until it it fixed?
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Post by marcw »

Congratulations. I'm sure you've fixed a lot of people's favorite bugs and this will be hugely successful. Unfortunately I won't be among your testers. I looked at your source and noticed that nsAbLDAPProperties.cpp still hasn't been touched despite the optimism expressed in Bugzilla. Without a decent LDAP client I'm afraid it's the same usefulness as previous releases. Hopefully next time.

et al.
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Post by StoneCold »

There is just one bug, wich maybe could confuse Outlook Express users, who set Thunderbird as default mail program.

Bug 261559, Thunderbird should register *.eml file type association.

It's confusing, if you doubleklick on an .eml file and Outlook Express starts instead of Thunderbird, and shows the message.

I hope, this fix is scheduled for one the next milestones.
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Post by sjeeva »

I upgraded and now I cannot access my old data. T-Bird simply hangs with on GUI, except a running process.
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Bugs I Saw

Post by Anagoge »

I downloaded the RC for running under XP. Some bugs:

- My Mozilla 1.8a newsgroup servers were imported, but not the actual groups there I subscribe to on them. The servers have no twisty to show the groups, so they are leaf nodes in the tree, etc.
- The hints for popup menus show at the wrong place. For example, drop down the column selector in the inbox (at the top-right of the inbox message list). Tme hints for each menu item there appear all the way over on the left of the screen.
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Looks good on my system

Post by Lost User 9766 »

I installed Thunderbird RC1 on Fedora Core 3 and it is running well under XFce4.2 Haven't had any problems yet. The UI is fast and snappy, saved searches I made worked well. The new theme changes are perty. Thanks Moz. developers. Cool stuff.
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Post by waldow »

Hi, The basic program looks great on OSX 10.3.6 but... One main bug I have experienced in 0.9 where TB just crashes for no known reason to me is documented in the /var/log/system.log file as below. I could not tell if this one is fixed or not given the documentation. It has to do with "ATSUMeasureText" being replaced with "ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds". It seems to crash after only a few minutes of use. I would love to use TB all the time but it crashes so much I can't yet.

Dec 1 19:41:36 pb /Applications/ *** Warning: ATSUMeasureText has been deprecated. Use ATSUGetUnjustifiedBounds instead. ***
Dec 1 19:42:30 pb crashdump: Started writing crash report to: /Users/waldow/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/thunderbird-bin.crash.log
Dec 1 19:42:31 pb crashdump: Finished writing crash report to: /Users/waldow/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/thunderbird-bin.crash.log

Thanks, Dean W.
Dean Waldow
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