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Gingerbread Man wrote:
  1. Click the Select All link below and copy the code to the clipboard.
    Code: Select all
    javascript:(function(){function t(f){a=d.createNodeIterator(d,1,f,false);while(a.nextNode()){}}var d=document;t(function(e){x=e.offsetLeft;l=e.offsetParent;while(l!=null){x+=l.offsetLeft;l=l.offsetParent}var w=d.documentElement.clientWidth-x;var;if(s.marginLeft)w-=s.marginLeft;if(s.marginRight)w-=s.marginRight;if(s.paddingLeft)w-=s.paddingLeft;if(s.paddingRight)w-=s.paddingRight;if(s.borderSize)w-=s.borderSize;w-=d.defaultView.innerWidth-d.documentElement.offsetWidth;if(e.tagName=='IMG'){h=e.clientHeight*w/e.clientWidth;s.maxHeight=h}s.maxWidth=w+'px'})})();
  2. Open the Bookmarks menu and choose Show All Bookmarks or Organize Bookmarks, depending on your version of Firefox.
  3. On the left side, expand the All Bookmarks entry, then left-click Bookmarks Toolbar.
  4. On the right-side, click the Organize button and choose New Bookmark.
  5. Give the bookmark whatever name you want, e.g. Fit to Width. Paste the contents of the clipboard in the Location field. Click the Add button to finish.
  6. Left-click the newly created bookmark on the bookmarks toolbar to use it.

THis is an old thread, but I just found what I was looking for and so I must thank GingerBread Man for this button. Kisses!
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I've just found this too, more kisses from me! :)

One thing - which is a big ask, I'm sure. I don't use Firefox bookmarks (long story) but have put the bookmarks icon (the one with the drop-down arrow incorporated) in the main toolbar, so when I need Fit to Width I click the drop-down, hover Bookmarks Toolbar, and the Fit to Width link is accessible and works. It would be so super if Fit to Width could be a standalone icon in the main toolbar.

Maybe this can already be achieved and I'm just ignorant ;)

In any case, thank you so much GINGERBREAD xxx

I should add that whilst exploring the Customise menu I enabled "Icons andText" and discovered Text Zoom, with and without size selection. So now I have both Fit to Width and Text Zoom, am spoilt!


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Just make it the only bookmark in your bookmarks toolbar folder, then put the bookmarks toolbar items anywhere you want it.
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Now locking this due to the age of the original posts.

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