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I am using Seamonkey 2.10 zipped version

When I am typing any word to search in the search box,I get the results displayed in a mix of English and Hindi in Seamonkey 2.10. :? :!: This is what is displayed in the location bar ... eamonkey-a

I am interested in getting the results in English only .

Firstly, Why am I getting like this as I was not getting it before :-k and secondly, how do I rectify this? :-k



Philip Chee

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Dunno. Try Edit->Preferences->Browser->Languages
Delete any entries for Hindi (or Urdu, or Telegu, or Tamil).


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No.That is not the case.I have only English mentioned there.

It seems these search results are provided by google in multilingual format taking into consideration the location

Can someone please look into this and provide a solution


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Does the problem persist if your restart in Safe Mode?
(Help | Restart with Addons Disabled)

Does the problem persist in a new, clean Profile?
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