The Official Win32 20120825 builds are out

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Previous Nightly Builds thread 20120824 | A couple of notes about the Nightly thread. | Nightly Build thread RSS feed (courtesy DaCypher)

The Official Win32 20120825 NIGHTLY build is out. Changeset: f077de66e52d
The Official Win32 20120825 AURORA build is out. Changeset: 1f17cdc4fe1b
.The Official Firefox 15 BETA 7 build 1 builds are not yet out Changeset: 2099c2bea208

Previous NIGHTLY 20120824 (FF17.0a1)
Previous AURORA 20120824 (FF16.0a2)
Previous BETA 20120822 (FF15.0b6)

Hourly NIGHTLY builds: mozilla-central-linux | mozilla-central-macosx | mozilla-central-win32 | Firefox Tinderbox | NIGHTLY Changelog
Hourly NIGHTLY archive for Windows, Mac and Linux (not the final format yet)
AURORA Tinderbox | AURORA changelog

Last update: 2012-08-25 -- 00:00 PDT = 07:00 UTC

  1. #625199 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-kill dummy frames [All]
  2. #742195 [Core:DOM]-Implement the extended attributes for null and undefined handling on strings in Paris bindings [Mac]
  3. #742612 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Reflect.parse: separate guarded/unguarded catch clauses [Mac]
  4. #750570 [Core:XPCOM]-Suspect native cycle collected objects [All]
  5. #763854 [Core:DOM: IndexedDB]-Check file references (cleanup stored files) only when needed [All]
  6. #767516 [Core:Networking: HTTP]-Rename: s/SSLConnect/ProxyConnect/g [All]
  7. #774633
  8. #776583 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-GC: Make the post barrier verifier green in the interpreter in the shell [All]
  9. #777028
  10. #780370
  11. #781279 [Core:Layout]-crash in nsRootPresContext::UpdatePluginGeometry [All]
  12. #781380 [Core:Canvas: 2D]-[Azure] Memory leak in Azure/Cairo [All]
  13. #782485 [Core:XUL]-Turn nsXULPrototypeNode into a non-nsISupports, purple-buffered cycle collected class [All]
  14. #782735 [Core:DOM]-Turn nsNodeInfoManager into a native purple-bufferable CC class [All]
  15. #783162 [Core:Style System (CSS)]-Background image isn't shown at all [Win]
  16. #783206 [Core:Internationalization]-replace NULL with nullptr in intl except to OS API usages [All]
  17. #783393 [Firefox:Developer Tools: Debugger]-Breakpoints not getting caught on reload [Mac]
  18. #784153 [Firefox:SocialAPI]-Change "Oops, undo" to "Undo" for Social API activation arrow panel [All]
  19. #784657 [Core:Networking: Cache]-Fix potential problem in nsDiskCacheMap timer handling [All]
  20. #784706 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Assertion failure: CanUseDebugScopeMaps(cx), at js/src/vm/ScopeObject.cpp [Mac]
  21. #784756 [Core:ImageLib]-DecodeABit can spend more time in Timestamp than image decoding on Win7 [Mac]
  22. #784809 [Core:Canvas: 2D]-createPattern should allow null for the repeat argument [Mac]
  23. #784837 [Core:Layout: View Rendering]-call SetPrimaryFrame earlier during nsSubDocumentFrame::Init, so that container view can be found in order to reinitialize device context properly [Mac]
  24. #785017 [Core:SVG]-Use NS_GetStaticAtom in svg content where appropriate [All]
  25. #785175 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-Nightly can no longer run BananaBread [Mac]
  26. #785188 [Core:XPConnect]-Make Xrays work with newest DOM list bindings [All]
  27. #785191 [Core:DOM]-Tons of "NS_ENSURE_TRUE(nsContentUtils::IsCallerChrome()) failed: file content/base/src/nsImageLoadingContent.cpp" when sorting a file list [Lin]
  28. #785228 [Core:DOM]-nsGlobalWindow is described twice during traverse [Lin]
  29. #785333 [Core:Layout]-Keep track of display-item data with merged frames [All]
  30. #785459 [Core:DOM]-Enable the WebIDL parser to be used stand-alone for syntax checking [Mac]
  31. #785463 [Core:XPCOM]-Tweak PurpleBuffer Block size [Lin]
  32. #785472 [Core:DOM]-The Web IDL parser should not allow inheriting from an interface that is only forward declared [Mac]
  33. #785500 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-CrossScriptSSA::cx is never used and should be removed [Lin]
  1. #775543 [Core:DOM: Workers]-Passing a Worker object to console.log() results in a crash [All]

Partial Landings/WIPs/Incoming:
  1. #668469 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-"Assertion failure in -[mozRootAccessible didReceiveFocus]" "trying to set focus to ignored element" [Mac]
  2. #772060 [Core:Disability Access APIs]-[Mac] After initial page load, first VoiceOver interaction with HTML content still very painfully slow [Mac]

  3. #655877 [Core:SVG]-SVG text should use CSS text frames to gain support for various text layout features [All]

Regressions/Annoying/Common bugs:

Nightly 17.0a1 fixes since 20110322 (mozilla 2.2) = ~8972
Aurora 16.0a2 fixes since 20110322 (mozilla 2.2) = ~8242
Beta 15.0b fixes since 20110322 (mozilla 2.2) = ~7339

Release tracking Firefox 15-18 see HERE
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Nightly x86 (24-8-12) is out!!
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Any information when l10n builds for Windows will be available?

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respin build.

ID : 20120824101755
cset : f2146a6c104e
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Thanks for the heads-up, pal-moz! :)
Checked for updates and installed.
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Looks like bug is fixed now, I got a update for my Nightly l10n :) Finally.


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