Auto-Open Document at Program Launch ?

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I'm not a programmer or anything, but I do sometimes like to compose documents in the Kompozer, including long emails (instead of using the email client). When I do this I usually only have one document being edited at a time, so I would like to be able to open Kompozer (or SM's built-in Composer which I also have) and have that document already 'opened' and ready for editing. I tried doing this in SM's Composer, but the shortcut I made opened the document in the browser, not the editor, so I still needed to go through a series of clicks to get where I wanted. :(

So, I'm curious.... is there an easy way (that I obviously haven't found yet in my searching so far) of having either a quick-launch icon or a desktop icon that would open Kompozer with the desired document opened ?

Thanks for any input ! :)

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I think you want to edit html files in seamonkey composer
i think you are using win 7 .open you c drive in windows 7 then double click on the folder list thing on the top and then it will open a location bar
In the location bar type shell:sendto
create a shortcut in this folder with command <folderpath>seamonkey -edit
then close the sendto folder
Now right click on html file an then choose sendto and then seamonkey composer to open the html file in composer

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