Thunderbird is locking up and taking tons of memory

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Post Posted February 1st, 2013, 8:07 am

julien.colomb wrote:I have three accounts open, one IMAP and 2 POP3, I also have a newgroup and some RSS feeds, running windows 7 and TB 17.0.2 .

What is your largest folder size?
Is the imap account gmail?
Does problem reproduce with windows started in safe mode and networking enabled?
see - win7 ... -safe-mode

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I do not have a gmail account... but thanks for the tip.

Looking at the task manager in details, I found the problem: updater.exe
Killing the updater.exe process and the CPU use go to 1%. It is also not coming back at the next thunderbird start.
I have no clue what was the problem, but it seems to be fixed.

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