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hello everyone


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wtf was that post for? ¿?
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I have noticed what seems to be a bug in Thunderbird 1.0, and I hope someone can confirm. I posted this to the Thunderbird Bugs section, but I was told to come and post here instead.

First of all, this behavior applies only when replying to people who are either not in your address book or who are in your address book but have "Unknown" selected as the format for receiving messages (rather than "HTML" or "Plain Text").

The problem is very simple: When replying to an email, Thunderbird opens a reply window in the format opposite of the message being replied to. So if the message I reply to arrived in plain text format, the reply window opens in HTML. If the message arrived in HTML, the reply window opens in plain text. Either way, it opens in the opposite format of the message being replied to. This seems wrong to me.

Once again, I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm. I couldn't find anything in Bugzilla about this.

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