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When I open Firefox, it works normally and I get the web page I typed in. If I then click on "new Tab" I get the new tab and the web page for "Delta Search". My default search engine is google. I checked to be sure that I have a blank page as the start. I also checked the add-ons and extensions and neither contain anything having to do with Delta Search. What can I do to get rid of it?

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See How to remove DeLta search - its malware...

I would suggest downloading and running the free program as well as removing it from the control panel installed programs if its there.


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Open about:config page and search for Delta. When the result appears right click on any Delta Search listing and choose "reset" You probably have a virus/malware/highjacker that was installed in windows with some Freeware you downloaded so the change may not stick until you remove the Malware.
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I used the link suggested by TheVisitor that was a mozilla file. I didn't use the other link as I already am a malewarebyte user. Which by the way I had already run. The link suggested I download Spy Hunter. I did so and no mention was made of cost, Spy Hunter checked my system and found nearly 4000 suspicious items. None of them had been found by Malewarebytes or by ASC or by ad-aware. I became even more suspicious when I was informed that in order to remove the items I had to register and pay. Nothing was said about this to start and they promised a charge of $29.95 and when i started to pay it was raised to $39.95. I cancelled, of course, and now consider them as a scam. They also downloaded a program called Execution Guard that I didn't want. It has taken a couple of hours to remove both programs as they would not uninstall easily. I will now try the suggestions by Jayhawksrock.

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I downloaded ADWcleaner and ran it and it took care of the problem, HOOray and thank you jayhawsRock.

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