Changing FT DeepDark "Window Control" buttons?

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As the title states I was wondering on how to do that. I have no experience in Firefox theme editing, so i was wondering if there's a simple solution that I overlooked that can help :)

I went into "C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9nt8nwci.default\extensions\{77d2ed30-4cd2-11e0-b8af-0800200c9a66}\chrome" and found the "ft_deepdark.jar" file. I unzipped it and deleted the close, restore, minimize buttons in the "Icons" folder. After, I rezip'd the folder back into a ".jar" and doing so made the whole firefox screen to be morphed and messed up.

Can I just make it so my deafult buttons show up instead of the custom one thats included in the theme?

Here's an example:
What the buttons look like with the theme:

What I want it to look like (Default Windows theme):


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