Will Netscape 7.2 install and run perfectly in Windows 8?

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Post Posted June 14th, 2014, 7:12 pm

1. Will Netscape 7.2 install and work perfectly in Windows 8? Someone said something about Windows 8 not allowing "POP 4". However, I do not understand what that might mean? Or, is there someplace in the "Properties" which will allow Netscape 7.2 to be somehow changed (if POP 4 is automatically.

2 IF Netsacpe 7.2 will NOT install--or not install easily--and work perfectly in Windows 8, are there any "tricks" needed to be done during the "install procedure" to make sue Netscape 7.2 will install correctly (like making any changes initially during the install process?

3. Or, once "semi-installed" are there any "Properties" of "Options" for Netscape 7.2 in the EMAIL section that will make Netscape 7.2 work perfectly in Windows 8? (I really use only the email section of Netscape 7.2 for email and probably NEVEr USE THE browser part of Netscape 7.2.


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The chances of a 10 year old program working properly with Windows 8 are very slim and the chances of anyone bothering to try to fix it are even slimmer
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Is there a reason why you want to use the ancient Netscape 7.2 from pretty much ten years ago as it is rather insecure now with vulnerabilities. It was based on the ancient Mozilla 1.7.2 (1.7.13 was last then) and SeaMonkey has been the community effort in keeping the suite going.

Ok it looks like it is for the purpose of trying to transfer from NS 7.2 to Thunderbird as per viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2795873

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