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As of yesterday, i seem to have caught a malware/adware on my firefox browser, it is the bing toolbar, very annoying , slows down my browsers and keeps poping up adds and additional pages, i came here to ask how to remove this annoying rubbish.

I have tried the standard methods which usually worked uptill now like : Search for the add-on in firefox, didn't FIND a bing toolbar, then i went to the control panel searching for any bing program, nothing there, i have also installed Malwarebytes Anti-malware to remove malware, after a scan it found some 170 threats, so i quarantined and restarted my pc, thinking it's all fixed, to my unpleasant surprise, when i reopened firefox i find that annoying as HELL ad in the top right corner of my broweser constantly prompting to open. I inspected the element and got this url : ''

I need help to FIND this malware/adware and remove it, i know it is a bing type ad, and i changed my setting to show hidden files and folders but i cannot find it all the same.

Please help me get rid of this trash, i don't want to be forced to switch to chrome :(

Thank you.
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I think you have a general malware problem, but we will get to that when and if it is needed. Try these these two programs ... oval-tool/

Run them


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Sometimes, any one malware scanner / remover isn't enough. Another is "Super Anti Spyware." Everyone I've read about misses or can't remove certain things.

Some useful, popular scanners listed; ESET being one of the most popular (but not the only one): ... Virus-Scan.

But, that's time consuming. The far faster 1st method might be completely uninstall Firefox & delete any leftover files, & create a new profile. That's what I did one time, for the only thing I ever had approaching an infection (in browser or anything). It only redirected my start page to an advertising page. None of the standard fixes worked. This method is straight forward & quick.

Don't install Fx over top of old one - that may / may not get rid of it.

If the malware is located outside of Fx, then scanning / cleaning is needed - if Fx reinstall & new profile don't fix it.

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Epidomis wrote:I think you have a general malware problem, but we will get to that when and if it is needed. Try these these two programs ... oval-tool/

Run them

I'd only advise using the second of those as a last resort. It can seriously mess with things it shouldn't.


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The info by "phkhgh" is just a little drastic.
There's no need to un/re-install Firefox.

Try the other methods 1st, then this one...
> ... r&r=1&as=s
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Also, pay attention to every step in an installation of software in Windows. Chances are that you missed a checked box to install the toolbar.

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