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A common problem with browsing context is that when you go back one page and forward to a different page, you lose the previous branch of the tree you were on:

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1) index.html <- about.html

2) index.html -| [snip] about.html
               -> contact.html

There are two possible solutions:
1) Weaving: under this rule, the above move would imply a history of
index.html -> about.html -> index.html -> contact.html
Problem: with larger jumps, it moves recently accessed pages back quite a bit in the history.
2) A nested history interface, where each accessed url is like a folder, containing any pages that you accessed by following a hyperlink in the former. Typing a url in the top bar puts you back in the "root" directory, as does accessing a bookmark.




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The history sidebar provides a similar UI to your (2) if you view by "Date and Site"; however, the order of visitation is not preserved. It's certainly not a suitable replacement for the standard browsing session navigation.

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