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I have accidentally resolved the "not responding" problem on my machine by disabling the Windows Search Indexer service.

I am running an HP laptop with Win 8.1, 64 bit, and Thunderbird 24.6.0. Since I got this computer about 8 months ago, I have been getting the "not responding" message 3-5 times a day, with a 20 or 30 second "hang" each time (no CPU activity during the "hang"). It always occurs when I am either deleting a message or moving one to another mailbox from my inbox.

I tried many of the solutions listed in this forum with no success. However last week I disabled the Search Indexer service for unrelated reasons, and Thunderbird has not hung since then.

It does not seem to be sufficient to turn off file indexing through the file explorer. The service must be disabled. The steps to do this are as follows:

Mouse to top right of screen, click "Settings"
Click "Control Panel"
Click "Administrative Tools"
Double click "Component Services"
Click "Services (Local)
Scroll down to "Windows Search", right click, select "Properties"
Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled"
Click "Apply", then "OK", then close all the windows.

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Post Posted September 6th, 2014, 11:54 am

Some new information since first post in March 2014:
-I upgraded from Version 24.3 to 31.1 in August, 2014; same problem with both versions.
-when TB goes non-responsive, it just ‘freezes’ in place; just TB freezes, other programs work ok during the freeze.
-the word ‘non-responding’ does not appear until I click the window a 2nd time.
-I have timed some of the freezes; they last anywhere from 45 seconds to 85 seconds, most frequently 60-80 seconds. The ‘freezes’ just ends, as if the program ‘releases’ and you can go back working with it. There is no indication or error message either when it freezes or when it releases.
My situation:
-Windows 8.1 desktop.
-Current version is now Thunderbird 31.1.
-I do not use Firefox, if that is important; my browser is Chrome.
-My email is a POP account.
-I run Compact Folders fairly often.
-I am running Thunderbird with all add-ons, extensions and plug-ins disabled, and the issue occurs with or without add-ons enabled.
-I am running Thunderbird in TB Safe Mode.
-My A/V is Windows Defender. Do not have and never have had McAfee which is often mentioned here.
-I use the Windows Firewall.
-there are relatively few emails in any of my folders.
-It does not occur with every session, but several times a day. The most common action I am taking when it stops responding is a delete function.


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wsm wrote:I don't recall if this information was asked or offered, so I'll just ask ...

(everyone we commented here) It will help if you can tell us whether version 17 had the same problem for you??
And if you don't remember, you can get it from ... n32/en-US/ for Windows English, and ... es/17.0.8/ for other OS.

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redriver wrote:One account on this computer. It is a pop account.

You previously posted that you used McAfee. McAfee is one of the many items listed in ... e_Problems that can cause performance problems.

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recap to everyone seeing performance issues (Unresponsive Script dialog, Not Responding in window title bar, etc) in a current version of Thunderbird...

After you look at ... e_Problems if you have failed to identify the cause of the problem, then please, please file a bug report at ... hunderbird -- we do look at them. Thanks.

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Please post .... what happens if you set hidden preference accessibility.force_disabled = 1 via tools | options | advanced | general | config editor ?

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