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I am constructing a webpage in Excel (yes I am... :-)
This has worked well - until yesterday. Then suddenly, the preview in Firefox would not change the text-type. Though I have about foure different types of text, it all appeared in Arial.
But - by opening the preview in Explorer, it all appeared as it should.
What has happened here, and how can I in the future be shure that the changes of text-type will appear in all browsers?

(By the way, I am using the Windows 2007).


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Post Posted December 15th, 2014, 6:29 am

Moving to Web Development as no bug in Firefox has been identified here.

It might help if you posted a link to that page or the portion of the code where you control the fonts.


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Post Posted December 16th, 2014, 8:15 am

I updated Fx this morning running nightly

I used this file: ... stHTML.xls

If you don't feel safe downloading an Excel file, you can use this, scan it and rename it (Edit: for some reason this file is not found - but it is there. Must be a restriction of file name extensions on the hosting server ???) ... ... stHTML.pdf << save and rename to .xls

...selected File/Web Page Preview and it produced this: ... stHTML.htm

You might make a copy and hilight the entire file, change the text to a single style, then go back and alter what you need. May sound like a lot of work but might be less than reproducing the entire file - unless it is an automatically generated file.
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