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Standalone SeaMonkey Mail

Download: ... nkey-mail/

This is a very small and simple extension and is meant for those who want to run SeaMonkey as a standalone e-mail client without the browser and for some reasons would prefer such set-up to Thunderbird. Normally, SeaMonkey will open all links from e-mail messages in its own browser with no way to set another browser as default.

  • All clicked links in Mail & Newsgroups windows open in external browser.
  • Middle-clicked links in both Browser and Mail open in external browser (optional).
  • Default browser for Mail can be either your system default browser or another browser defined in options.
  • You can still open Mail links in SeaMonkey Browser manually by using right-click context menu -> Open Link in New Tab/Window.
  • SeaMonkey browser will function normally for cases you want to use it. There is new context menu option Open in External Browser that is available on links in Browser.
Web search initiated from Mail context menu will open in SeaMonkey Browser. Use middle-click or context menu on search result links if you want to open them in your external browser.
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