some things are not dispalying propperly

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I have a website in wordpress. I have a few things i find strange. but this one puzzles me most:

the sign for g+ and facebook is not showing correctly in Firefox but it shows nicely in chromium
here is a picture of them side by side (.png, size about 30 kb) ... sp=sharing

what is causing this?

verison 35.0.1

at first i though it was because i had a crash on one account, but then i noticed even the version on linux is dispalying strange signs (arrabic in that case or somethign similar) instead of the leters g and f.

i though it was a tzheme issue until i saw it dispaly normally in Chromium Secure


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Moving to Web Development.


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Enable web fonts.
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how? searching for enable web fonts found many suggesitons about many things on google. no offcial guide though. i enabled it in no-script plugin (which can interfere) but still nothing.

i only found this: ... @font-face

Furthermore i do not understand why one of the older versions worked just fine while the newer versions of wordpress do not work propperly with firefox.

also it displays ok in other browser. so i am not sure how is this a website issue.

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The web developer console in Firefox shows FontAwesome is not being downloaded, at all, because of a bad URI or cross domain address. I suspect Firefox thinks the latter.

The URL of FontAwesome is given in "core.css" and is relative to the URL of core.css itself, since it starts with "../". The URL of core.css is given in the HTML page served, and starts with 'href=""'. (It is but one of several link elements with href values starting with "http:/www").

So Firefox expects the font to be served from a server named 'www', but there doesn't appear to be one at your site - if I paste "" into the address bar it changes back to "" during page load.

Can you convince your chipmunk theme your site address is just "" (or get a www server up and running) to see if that fixes the problem?

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