Phoenix needs a new name

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Phoenix needs a new name

Post by Blake »

Hi all,

We need to rename Phoenix. The kind folks over at have complained about trademark infringement. Anyone have thoughts on a cool, meaningful new name?
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Post by tmb »

here are some suggestions:




what we need is to get some good names and then have a vote (Al Gore can have a recount)
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Post by Stefan »

:shock: Hmm seems kid of silly since there are already other internet utils using phoenix as the name.

Anyway, I would like a name in the "lizard cathegory" eg Salamander or something :)

Some links for Lizard names btw :)

Leopard (Gecko)

also snound nice in my ears.
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Post by motion_157 »

Isn't their company name Phoenix Technologies? If it is, you guys might have a chance at keeping Pheonix as the browser name. Although, companies nowadays like to trademark all forms of a certain name....the bastards.
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Post by michal017 »

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there's always MozLite

Post by cdn »

better steer clear of the *zillas, or else we'll have davezilla moment ;)

off the top of my head

MozNav ?

following the mytho-illogical trail

Cyclops ?
Mercury ? / ( Greek counter-deity) Hermes ?

Vulcan - forging a new browser for the 21st Century ?

Apollo, Phoebus


we have to be sure it is distinct and not listed(*) already

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Post by Thumper »


They both fly, they both look cool, they're both Final Fantasy summons, and isn't taken by a real company.

Alternatively try Garuda, Adama or Hoshosu.

- Chris
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Post by thenightfly42 »

Newt. They're small, which implies the stripped-down Mozilla. And, they're cute!
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Post by tve »

LizLite or Lil Liz, Lilzilla, lol :roll:

.....or maybe..... "Ragnarok" :)

nooo, please keep the name Phoenix :|
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Post by IoN_PuLse »

I see no reason to change Phoenix's name, has no right to "copyright" the name, it has been used to describe a mythological creature, and has existed long before the .com's and the city of Phoenix.
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Post by docbrown »

How about:

- Gryphon
- Fenix
- Bennu (What the Egyptian called their version of the phoenix)

I like Bennu the best....
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Post by nolanvoight »

Stefan's suggestion of Salamander is good, since that keeps both the lizard(-like) and the mythological lines running--the salamander was supposed to be impervious to fire.
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Post by swirven »

How about, "Raptor".
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Post by audioaficionado »

What's the name of that lizard that runs so fast that it can run over water?

How does have the right to own Phoenix exclusivly as a trade mark. Phoenix has been in use for centuries as methology. That's BULL !

BTW you can't use any planet names either (especially Uranus) as I 've already laid trademark claim to them. :D
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Post by Thumper »

Hate to tell you this, but trademarks are allowed to be _real words_, y'know. Just because stones have rolled for millennia doesn't mean you can expect to call the browser Rolling Stone.

- Chris