Firefox 1.5 Bug Report

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Firefox 1.5 Bug Report

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This graph is to show the number of bugs either fixed, blocking or nominated to block the 1.5 release of Firefox. Firefox 1.5 is currently scheduled for release in the Fall. The links below are queries showing the bugs that block, requesting to block or fixed for 1.5. I will update the graph once a day to show the progress of each day.

Queries used:
Bugs accepted to block 1.5
Bugs nominated to block 1.5
Fixed 1.5 Blockers

"New Features" that should be included in Firefox 1.5
(Green=Already in the nightlys---will be in 1.5 | Orange=Patched but not fully fixed or turned on by default)

1) 'Sanitize Settings' which automatically removes privacy information with a keyboard shortcut or when closing firefox. (Screenshot)
2) Options Window UI Update (Video | Screenshots)
3) New Cookie Controls per site (Screenshot)
4) Extension Manager upgrades:
  • Command Line Installation/Uninstallation
  • Server-Side GUID Blacklist
  • Enhanced Global Registration
5) Mac Profile Migrators for:
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Camino
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
  • Omniweb 5
6) Searchable download actions manager (now with integrated full page plugin support)
7) Possible Accessibilites options (ScreenReader support is being worked on, not sure if its enabled or not)
8) Drag-and-drop reordering of tabs
9) Instant Back and forward navigation
10) SVG Support
11) Support for Always Storing Cache on Local Filesystem
12) Provide utility for incremental download (Key part for patches instead of full releases for updates)
13) Reporter Tool (To report broken websites)
14) <canvas>
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Post by DRTProxy »

What website does that graphic come from?? Is this something that is kept up dated here locally or elsewhere?

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Post by supernova_00 »

I quit updating it when 1.5 was released.
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