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lolka_bolka wrote:I am using 42.0a2 (2015-08-16).

The problem is, the console always shows me errors. But only the counter incrasing, there are not any error messages.

It incrase the error count, when I am move my mouse between the tabs area and the address bar / search bar.

I found what causes this. In the error console, this is a warning:

Code: Select all
Timestamp: 2015.08.18. 9:20:24
Warning: Property contained reference to invalid variable.  Error in parsing value for 'color'.  Falling back to 'inherit'.
Source File: chrome://browser/skin/devedition.css
Line: 221, Column: 8001
Source Code:

If I am switching the theme to Default, I do not get the warnings anymore.

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I'm not sure if this is a problem or just me being anal.

I keep the Sync icon on the tool bar, after starting Nightly the Sync icon turns blue, spins a little stops, turns grey again and I am happily synced across machines and version profiles. Every now and then, the icon doesn't stop spinning, just keeps on going and going and going. There seems to be no loss of function, everything appears to sync ok but the icon never stops spinning? This has only ever happened with Nightly (across different versions over say the last 6 months or so) Doesn't happen often. I have tried disconnecting and then reconnecting to Sync, even tried deleting the Weaver directory in the profile but it keep on spinning. A complete refresh of the Profile does solve the problem but that takes time and effort. Anyone have an idea why it happens and how to stop it?

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A minor issue with Windows 10. It's obviously due to the border size change.

This is an image of the latest Nightly being snapped to the left side of my screen.


This is the problem after re-launching the browser. A small part of the desktop is visible.


Thunderbird has the same problem.

Forgot to add. Native resolution is 1920x1200.

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Just a question... they are doing some things to touch recognition code. In latest nightly (46.0a1) touch is broken.
The 'dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled=2' do not work anymore. Anyone know what to do, to get touch input back?


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Nightly installer freezes after about 90%-95% being done, link has been created on desktop. I see changing text like "Compatibility with more of your favorite sites", "Build-in privacy tools for safer browsing"
Window can't be closed.


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System specs?
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I know I am not supposed to double post. Started my own topic, but just found this and seems a better spot. Latest nightly update has given me a big problem.
Update approx. midnight Mar 16. OS is Linux, Desktop is KDE. Tested in safe mode also with same result.
Problem is that only the top left corner (if expanded to full desktop window about 5% of the area) actually is working browser. if resizing to greater then that 5% or expanded to full window then all I can access using mouse is whatever is under the browser that I visually can see.
I can not even access the website address section because it is too far over for it to be clickable. Pages that have already been loaded I can see the page, but other then that corner nothing on that page including scrolling works as in reality I am only accessing the desktop itself.
Will wait untill new update and see if it is fixed.

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Newest update fixed the issue. Thanks

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Could someone tell me what the build differences are between the nightly and release builds?

Do the nightly builds build with PGO?
Are they built debug mode?

Also, is there a directory of nightlies as I'm trying to isolate a bug and would like to do a binary search on a range of nightlies.
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Probably better off asking in the Nightly thread but this may help ... n-windows/
List of Nightly builds
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For binary searches, I concur with malliz: use mozregression-gui and let it attempt to do the binary searches for where the problem occurred. If it is a hard failure introduced by a specific patch, mozregression-gui can usually find it. But if it is an intermittent bug, mozregression might not find it because you have to identify if the test run has the bug or not, and for intermittent bugs you don't really know if the bug really isn't present or just wasn't triggered on that run.

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My nightly got stuck on version: 79.0a1 (2020-06-26) (64-bit)

The about dialog claims it is up to date.

How to trigger an update?

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