IDLE command setting missing in TB 45

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Post Posted March 26th, 2016, 5:17 pm


I have the latest beta installed (TB 45).

There used to be a setting for accounts under Settings --> Server Settings --> Advanced... called "Use IDLE command if the server supports it" which was handy to have unchecked if I only wanted TB to check my Inbox rather than all my folders. It seems to have disppeared from TB 45... does anyone know why or if there's a Config Editor way to replicate that functionality?


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The latest Earlybird (Version 47.0a2, 2016-03-26) doesn't have it either. A search for idle in the config editor didn't find anything in the server settings. I went back to Thunderbird 38.7.0 and unchecked "use IDLE command if the server supports it" in one of my accounts. That set mail.server.server4.use_idle false. The only other mention of use_idle was in mail.server.default.use_idle. I suspect the reason mail.server.serverX.use_idle wasn't initially listed for each IMAP account was because it had never been changed from the default value.

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Cool... I figured there was probably a server-specific version of mail.server.default.use_idle

Apparently the setting has been moved:

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Yes, the box was moved to the main page and renamed to sound less "geeky" so that non-power users better understand what it actually does (see the discussion in bug 449021). They forgot though to mention this in the release notes.

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But leaving out the word 'IDLE' only creates confusion for those who know what it is.

Simplification is good - to a point. Not including the word in this case is a pure case of 'dumbing down', that I am totally against. It is a short word, there simply is no good reason not to include it.

So, I opened bug 1313365 to change the pref description from:

"Allow immediate server notifications when new messages arrive"


"Allow instant server notification of new messages (IDLE support)"

Which is only 3 more characters (5 if you keep the word 'immediate' instead of 'instant'), but should be even shorter in the GUI.

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