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The Developer has asked me to post my suggestions for this add-on here...


I want to set up computers in a public environment and it is my desire to totally eliminate all possibilities of users’ accessing any area of Firefox that I do not want them accessing. I would like to suggest to the creator that you left out one context menu that should be implemented in a future version. When you right click in the blank area of the title bar and above the new tab area, you have the option to click on the following optional selections…

Move to menu
Remove from toolbar
Menu bar
Bookmarks toolbar

I would kindly appreciate in a new version that this context menu be added. Let’s name it the Title Bar Context Menu.




I have one additional concern/suggestion pertinent to this add-on and I am addressing this issue to the Developer, for which I hope that he is reading this. I did appreciate the developer responding to my previous suggestion from Mar 29.

Again, I reiterate that the following security issue is a major concern for setting up computers in a public environment due to the fact that there are still methods in which anyone can still access keyboard shortcuts in Firefox, even if you have them all turned off &/or edited with a custom key combination.

I am certain that the developer is already aware that unfortunately there is a split-second delay for all custom and non-custom keyboard short cuts via S3 Menu Wizard to take effect the moment Firefox is launched. I am not sure if the issue is with the architecture within Firefox or with this add-on. When you launch Firefox, as soon as the browser starts to populate on the screen, if you strike any hotkey or hotkey combination, one will be able to access that particular feature, thus bypassing any setting restrictions as set via S3 Menu Wizard. For example, launch Firefox, and as soon as the browser starts to appear, immediately strike F11 key to enter full-screen mode. As you can see, you can bypass the hotkey settings and successfully access full screen mode. By this example, if the setting (S3 Menu Wizard) for F11 key was either cleared (disabled) or enabled with a new custom key combination, Firefox continues to acknowledge the F11 key as the original key for full-screen mode as assigned during the writing of Firefox. This split second delay at the moment of launching Firefox is a serious issue and permits anyone to access any hotkey combination that one so chooses.

I ask kindly to the developer to please address this matter, if possible when releasing a future version.

Thank you, in advance for kindly responding to this inquiry.

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