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Post Posted May 7th, 2005, 3:16 am

I was wondering if you'd consider saving and updating the IP addresses for bookmarks when they are accessed - that way, it may be possible to find websites even when they've discontinued their domain registration?!

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Posts: 39
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Post Posted May 14th, 2005, 6:47 am

To make this work well, you'd have to evaluate the server response more diligently: for instance, some companies buy domains that have become disused but are still getting a lot of hits from old bookmarks and links, enabling the new domain owner to garner advertising revenue.

The easy and hopefully effective way of dealing with this (rather than trying to evaluate the server reponse for e.g. redirection or using Bayesian algorithms to identify typical domain-hogger-page content - which will result in a software arms-race) is to give the user a <b>button in the status bar</b>, maybe <b>labelled "IP"</b>, that shows up when he's used a bookmark. The user can then decide whether the page that showed up is the one he was looking for, and failing that, can <b>press the IP button to get to the IP address</b> of the original server (plus the rest of the URL, i.e. the path on the server and/or parameters for php, perl or other (database) scripts).

I guess that using domain names should still be the preferred method for accessing pages since this allows dynamic IP assignment, load balancing etc., although I don't know how widely used this really is...?

Okay, newbie asking for comments again. Thanks.

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