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I am a long time outlook user who is trying to move away from outlook to an email client that I can
use on both a PC and linux laptop.

So far Thunderbird is working really well for me but a crucial part of my workflow is tasks. I know I can create
a task from an email, that's easy enough to do but the most important thing for me is being able to click on the
task and link back to the original email that the task was created for. I need this for a number of reasons but
one of the most important is that my tasks from emails nearly always contain an attachment as part
of the task to-do.

I can't see a way to click back to the original email after I have created a task unless I am missing something? I know
thunderbird and outlook are different but in outlook all I do is double click a task and it opens the email
that the task was created for.

Any ideas for a way around this?

Thanks - Andrew


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