multiple CalDav calendars -1 CalDav server - 1 TB profile

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in my experience one can't have multiple CalDav calendars with 2 different users in a single TB profile when connected to only a single CalDav server. Is this correct? Any workaround or is it a bug?
The same configuration but with DavDroid on Android works ok.
I have this problem on Linux, but I was able to reproduce the problem also on Windows with a fresh TB - install.
What happens is that as soon as the second calender is added to the list, then there is a yellow exclamation mark and there is no pop-up asking for user name and password.
It looks like this is a problem with the password manager.

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It would help to mention what version of Thunderbird and Lightning you are using, and whose CalDAV server. Usually the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark means the username/password was incorrect.!topic ... IJFbsB27ZI

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it's TB 45.2.0 and Lightning 4.7.2 (win) + 4.7 (Linux) with Baikal server 0.2.7.
That's right, there is something wrong with the credentials or the Password Manager. But I'm 100% sure that I've entered the credentials correctly (via copy and paste). Also I can flip the order in which I setup the calendars. I.e. I start with cal A and that works fine and cal B (different credentials, same server) doesn't work anymore. Then I remove all calendars (incl. the Baikal credentials in Thunderbird) and start with cal B which works ok, but then Cal A doesn't work anymore. Actually, the thing is that there isn't even a pop-up asking for credentials for the second calender. So it can't be me having filled the wrong password or username.
There is one other guy in the forum who also has the same problem as me but not with Baikal but with Radicale server
And in another German forum someone (Lehmann) reports the exact same issue (only in german language though). ... icht-mehr/
The link you posted seem to be a related problem. Same Google server but different users and no pop-up asking for username and password.

I think the real question is, why is the username/password pop-up not coming up? Instead the yellow triangle appears. I guess that Lightning attempts take the credentials for cal B from the credentials of Cal A instead of giving me the pop-up window with U + P.
Adding multiple calendars with the same user name and password works fine.

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has someone actually tried to add calenders for 2 different users to Lightning, from a single CalDav server (i.e. same domain) ?
I would be curious if anyone at all would get this working.

If anyone would like to try this on my server, I could PM you the details (CalDav URL + username/password) and you could try it on my server (Baikal 0.4.6 - new install). The only thing you'd have to do is to add 2 calenders for 2 different user with a simple password.

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