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I am Nduka S Okoye. I receive hundreds of mail a day because of my business. I am using Thunderbird mail and I am new to it. Little unfamiliar with the Thunderbird features. Can anyone suggest how to set reminders in mail?



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You might find the extension Notepad (QuickFox) helpful.

Alternatively see the ReminderFox extension Not sure it works with the latest versions of Thunderbird but it might.


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I use ReminderFox instead of Lightning since my needs are minimal, its more mature (don't have to get a version that only works with a specific version of Thunderbird), and it uses far less resources. Its basically for reminder and to-do lists but it can do alerts, alarms etc. too. I've never tried that feature but ... -messages/ talks about how to add a reminder to an existing email message, or when sending one.

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