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I have Firefox 52.0.1 and my bookmarks have gotten quite long. I have always clicked on my bookmark icon at the top of page and get the long vertical pop up of bookmarks. I click on Other Bookmarks and they are Unsorted. Since I have so many now I wondered how I could arrange them or sort them in different ways but, had no idea how. I looked all over Firefox and web sites and found all very old info on how to do it. I read something about using the Library for this. So, I went there which i rarely have done and went under View and slid over from Sort and there are several options. The best I found for myself was by Name from A-Z. This was great but, when I closed the Library out or firefox the order went back to the Unsorted original way I had. I looked all over as to how to save or whatever so that didn't happen. Can't find anything. Thinking this could be an about:config thing? I saw the add on for this but, don't want that. Anyone, know how to keep the bookmarks so, they stay the way I select them in the Library View without reverting upon closing??? Thanks. Pat


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