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Hi all,
I am looking for a developer to help build a customized version of Firefox browser for Windows/Mac/IOS/Android, and the requirement as below :

For Windows / Mac OS version

1) Support various generation of Windows OS (WinXP to Windows 10, Windows server 2003 onward), and various generation of OS X.
1) Able to white label the logo.
2) Hard-coded Automated Proxy Server setting (Proxy.PAC) , and no option to overwrite it, and will not use the OS Proxy setting. User will not able to see the proxy setting / configuration as well.
3) Disable the standard proxy setting in Firefox, this is to avoid user edit the proxy setting within firefox.
4) Build In DNS resolver library, to resolve DNS with a specific DNS IP that we provide. The browser will not using the OS level of DNS resolver to resolve DNS to IP.

For Mobile version - IOS and Android
1) Support various generation of IOS and Android
2) Able to white label the logo
3) Hard-coded proxy server setting within browser, using manual proxy server setting (not using proxy PAC). User will not able to see the proxy setting / configuration as well.
4) Must ensure this browser will send the traffic via the specific proxy server when the mobile phone is using mobile data (3g/4g/LTE), and in WiFi connection as well.
5) Option of build in DNS resolver or proxy the DNS query to the specific proxy server (must not use default DNS server in mobile handset).

Do contact me for more detail information, thanks.
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