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First post here - I'm interested in getting tips and tricks from people using the email component of Seamonkey.

After I ditched Outlook for mangling the achilles heel which is .pst I have tried various other clients including ;

Opera Mail - quite old now and ended up quirky with high number of IMAP folders. At least its only 43 MB on disc.
Foxmail - a little rough round edges but works ok and will import .pst - however 300MB on disc?
eMclient - Over bloated with low custom options

So at the recommendation of someone on another forum I installed Seamonkey and am quite relieved how well
it works with my IMAP account, nice and snappy and enough options to keep me happy.

Anyway I thought I would do a search in the forum for 'email' and the results come up zero???

So, if you have any tips or tricks when using Seamonkey for email please point me in right direction :D

I'd also be interested, and I guess this has been asked before, will there ever be stand a alone version
of the mail client?

Also, as I am only using email is there a way of reducing size on disc by removing uneccy files from the install?



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Post Posted May 18th, 2017, 5:37 am

I'd also be interested, and I guess this has been asked before, will there ever be stand a alone version of the mail client?

If all you are interested in is the email client you might want to look at That's basically the same email client without the additional components of the SeaMonkey suite.

There actually aren't too many (any?) unnecessary files in the installation of either program if they are being used as anticipated. See this article -- ... _a_profile

Other than that, not sure what sort of questions you had about using either SeaMonkey or Thunderbird for email.

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I actually looked into this when I was thinking about starting a blog. Turns out it's not hard to use SeaMonkey for just email and not the browser (although the browser will still be installed and available.)

1. You’ll want SeaMonkey to open Mail & Newsgroups, not the browser, when you start it. One way is in Preferences > Appearance. Here, you can tell SeaMonkey that when it starts, you want to open the mail client but not the browser. (Regardless of this setting, you can also open Mail & Newsgroups by launching SeaMonkey with the -mail command line option; the Windows version comes with a SeaMonkey Mail shortcut in the Start Menu that will do the same thing.)

2. Install the Standalone SeaMonkey Mail extension. (Even if the “Add to SeaMonkey” button is grayed out, you can install it anyway.) This extension makes all links in Mail & Newsgroups open in your default browser (or another browser that you define in the options.) Additionally, you will be able to right-click on links in the SeaMonkey browser and have them open in the external browser instead.

3. If you use ChatZilla, you’ll want to change your settings to have links open in an external browser. Go to ChatZilla > Preferences > Global Settings > Global > Links. Change “Normal click” (and probably the other three as well, depending on your personal preferences) to goto-url-external.

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Actually prefer SM UI over TB - sometimes less is more...

Have installed standalone extension and looked at themes. Can only find one other complete theme that plays nice overall. Others only mod the top section of mail.

Thanks for replies.

Still don't know why search doesn't seem to work here...

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