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Hi Aris
Excellent Add-On. The only issue encountered under Win10 in Thunderbird 52.1.1 is, that the Min. Max Close buttons are doubled (please see pic). As per your recommendation I disabled one by one all other Add-Ons and the only one to interfere is your CustomizeMyBird, but deactivating it helped just a little and the problem persists. It is no big deal, but would look nicer without this distortion. The setting is Glass V1. It only disappears when set to Off but the effect goes off as well. Is there any workaround?
Thanks for your help.


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test the new beta: ... 1.1.0beta1

Could someone please attach this thread to GMFs/GMBs main thread?
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How to use legacy add-ons after Firefox 57 release? Switch to Firefox 52 ESR or move to Waterfox browser or Basilisk browser.

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Thanks a lot Aris, works splendid.

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