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Post Posted August 11th, 2017, 1:08 pm

Have two computers each with Win7 pro. Laptop is connected to internet via wifi.
When email is received, why does it not show up both computers?. The email will usually show on laptop first, but not always. What determines which computer gets it, and can it be configured so both computers receive the email?

Thanks. Frank


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Sounds like you have those accounts set up in SeaMonkey as POP type accounts. By default, a POP account downloads new messages to the email client. If that client (here SeaMonkey) is not set to leave messages on the server, the messages are not there to be downloaded when a second system connects to the account sometime later.

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You can tell SeaMonkey to leave the messages on the server after they're downloaded. That way your other computer can also download them. From an email window, go to Edit -> Mail and Newsgroup Account Settings and select Server Settings in the left pane under your email account. Check the box "Leave messages on server", and they'll be available to be downloaded to both of your computers.

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