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Hi, I've been using TBird for many years now on both Mac and Win PC. I have a few profiles for members of my family, and the profiles are kept on a Win10 PC share drive, so they can be accessed by a range of laptops and desktops around the house.

In the last month, it has been impossible for the Mac OS machine to open the profiles on the WIN10 server: it just says the profile is busy or missing. This is in spite of other Win10 shares being available and fully operative on the same Mac. (I can open and edit fully all documents and other files on these share drives.)

As well, VNC sessions are possible on the Mac, connecting to the Win10 machine: I can run Thunderbird on the server itself and operate the profiles this way.

The Win10 laptops in the house are still able to access the Thunderbird profiles on the Win10 shared drive and operate on them fully.

I have tried various options - like disabling the Firewalls on either or both machines, but nothing at this stage works.

It seems to be as a result of the latest upgrade to Win10 Creators.

Any ideas?



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Post Posted September 4th, 2017, 12:41 pm ... hunderbird (you don't need a USB drive to use -profile , its just the most common use case) ... he-basics/

Is the file share shown as a mounted drive in the file manager (finder) on your Mac? Thunderbird has no knowledge of the various file sharing protocols. It relies upon the operating system connecting to the file share and mounting it as a drive.

See if you can browse the files in that file share from "finder" on your Mac. If you can, that would seem to rule out any problem caused by the recent upgrade for Windows 10. One way that upgrade could have caused a problem would be if it required a newer version of the SMB protocol than the Mac OS supported.

Windows and OSX use different files for a lock file in the profile. Thunderbird will complain that the profile is busy or in use if it detects a lock file in the profile. See if there is a ".parentlock" file in the profile. If so, delete it. Windows uses "parent.lock". I have no idea why the name of the lock file varies based on the operating system.

It's possible the profiles.ini file on the Mac has problems. Try running the profile by specifying its location using a -profile command line argument in a terminal (console) window. That bypasses profiles.ini. A windows specific example would be:

"C:\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe" -profile "F:\My TB profile"

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